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About US

our Core values

The Academy is committed to developing the highest quality volleyball program in the Las Vegas valley. The Academy integrates the physical and mental game of volleyball. We strive to develop each athlete into becoming the best individual, teammate, athlete and community member through competition and life skill development. We firmly believe in maintaining a "growth mindset."

Our Philosophy

Recognize, develop and encourage each female athlete, regardless of their background, to become the best individual and teammate possible. Seek improvement, embrace and learn from mistakes, accept change, be comfortable in their own skin, learn self accountability, and exercise humility.

behind the Five Rings

The logo/theme for Sykora Academy is "Five Rings." The five rings represent the Olympic games which have been an integral part of Stacy Sykora's life since she was a little girl. Dreaming of going to the Olympics is what drove her in all aspects of life. Those five rings and the Olympic games created Stacy Sykora. Wearing the Five Rings symbolizes greatness, dedication, and commitment to you and your team. Five Rings symbolizes Sykora Academy.  Five Rings will create a future Olympian.

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